Woodburning stamps

Fabrication of stamps for woodburning.

Woodburning stamps allow you to mark wood, leather, plastic and rubber by heat.

OMELLA ENGRAVINGS made from small labels for luthiers to mark their musical instruments to large stamps to mark cattle.

IPPC stamp in woodburning electrical machine

The IPPC certificate identifies the source of the wood and the type of treatment used for disinfection.

The IPPC stamp woodburning wood attached to the electrical machine, allows the marking of timber quickly and indelibly.

Seal for woodburning cylindrical pieces

Seal for woodburning cylindrical pieces, tailored according to customer needs.

This seal is fit to an electric manual machine.

Stamp for woodburning, branding iron

Omella Engravings make its woodburning stamps in the bronze, brass, copper or steel, according to the requirement of each customer. The stamps can also be made ??in any size and shape.

It has a long wooden handle to heat seal by fire.

You can also use this seal on a Marking press for branding irons.

Marking press for branding irons

Omella Engravings make manual machines for woodburning, its stamps are interchangeable and can be made ??in any size and shape.

Its features are:

- 400W double resistance
- temperature of 600 °C
- ideal for working in wood or leather.

Luthier punch or seal

Luthier punch or seal with wooden knob, which is heated by the fire to mark wooden musical instruments, guitars, violins, mandolins, ukuleles ... with the signing of luthier creator of the piece.

Punch for marking and woodburning

Punch mild steel with high hardness created from customer design. It serves both to mark and woodburning
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