Stamps for use in presses, in high relief, low relief or male and female.

OMELLA ENGRAVINGS has extensive experience in the manufacture of dies such as
make plates cava, metal caps, buttons, eyelets, cans, medals, all sorts of badges ... Also dies for marking large parts such as buckets and barrels or any metal part.

Stamps to mark plates of different thicknesses, to mark rounded plates as buckets or barrels side on sloping or uneven surfaces bezels.

OMELLA ENGRAVINGS adapts its parent dies, if appropriate, or recorded directly on its false and adjusted. It also builds tooling, dies or slides that are necessary for the use of the dies.

Male Female Die Pepe Jeans Button

Manufacture of female to male die stamping concave Pepe Jeans brand in low relief, trimmings for the metal industry.

Female male die engraving to manufacture sheets for champagne bottles

With this die male and female engraved using EDM, sheet metal stamping is achieved with an engraving in high relief, in this case of a vine and the brand name Nussal Champagne.

Die for sealing tongs / pliers

Stamp tongs or pliers parts for sealing lead or plastic seals.

3D medal die

Die with two 3D shapes to stamp commemorative medals.

Die stamping medals

Die in hardened steel with embossed to produce the reverse of commemorative medals.

Specifically for a medal to be rectangular in low relief engravings.
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