Punches that mark perfectly every logo, trademark, logo or text to the size required by the client.

Made of special steel, hardened, rust resistant by a process that includes several phases which ensures perfect marking.

OMELLA ENGRAVINGS punches all kinds, whether to mark hammer punches, punches or gloss contrast to the jewelry or for punches stamping press. We have standard sizes for marking valves, cylinders, fire extinguishers, etc..

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Steel punch to mark timber

Steel punch to mark timber, tapping with a hammer.

Punches to mark leather in Black Delrin

Hammer punches to mark all types leather, wet or dry.

Stamp on Black Delrin, a special technical equipment to mark leather in short and medium series, much more cheap than steel punches and very quick delivery times.

Hammer Punches to mark

Cylindrical punches 1.2379 steel hardened to 62 HRc with standard measures within an interior diameter of 8mm. Engraved with custom text or logo, delivery in 72 hours.

Poinçons de bijoux personnalisés ou standard

Omella Gravures, poinçons des bijoux, des signatures, des logos ou d'identification de la matière.

Nous avons trois types de poinçons:

Poinçon standard:

Poinçon pour marquer la surface de bijoux de tous types et tailles.

Punch anneau plan intérieur:

Punch à la gravure sur une surface plane utile pour rehaut interne et d'autres pièces.

Poinçon courbes anneau intérieur:

Punch à la surface courbe de gravure sur l'expertise interne pour réaliser des bagues.

Punch for marking and woodburning

Punch mild steel with high hardness created from customer design. It serves both to mark and woodburning
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