Machinings with 3D CNC milling machines and lathes

The advanced software helps OMELLA ENGRAVINGS manufacturing high detail 3D, and simulations of how it will once machined parts in the final material.

Also available EDM machines (EDM), capable of orbiting, perform lateral erosion, etc. with high quality finishes.


If you need to fabricate parts from a physical model of quickly and cheaply OMELLA ENGRAVINGS have available pantographs copiers.

Figures EDM machining injection mold

Machining of complex shapes in rubber injection mold and etching of the corresponding references in the cavities. To machine these figures have been combined to the lathe, CNC milling and EDM electrodes to achieve the required for machining injection mold.

Figure in mold

Mold machining contained in a half in a slide.

Insert for plastic injection mold

Machining was performed by the machining of various electrodes with EDM.

Brocken cube Trophy

Machined aluminum trophy with black marble nucleus.
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