Jewelry Marking Stamps and Dies

Dies to conform pieces by estampation for jewerly designed by our clients, special for soft materials, like gold or silver.

Special striker pins of high quality for jewlry, marked of interiors and exteriors of ring, medals, slopes, etc. Thousands of jewels take to the company/signature of the artist or the jewelry logo marked ones with one of ours striker pins. Raised lettering with company mark and ID.

We also made bigger stamps for the identification of big pieces, from the marking of pictures to stone statues.

Engraved mold to melt gold or silver into ingots

Engraved mold to melt gold or silver into ingots, their cavities etched in high relief with the logo and references according to the needs of the manufacturer (the print is in low relief on the ingot).

There are the following models:

- Ref Ling1000: mold with handle and a block with a capacity of 1000g.
- Ref Ling500: mold with handle and two blocks with a capacity of 500g and 250g.
- Ref Ling100: mold with handle and two blocks with a capacity of 100g and 50g.

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Poinçons de bijoux personnalisés ou standard

Omella Gravures, poinçons des bijoux, des signatures, des logos ou d'identification de la matière.

Nous avons trois types de poinçons:

Poinçon standard:

Poinçon pour marquer la surface de bijoux de tous types et tailles.

Punch anneau plan intérieur:

Punch à la gravure sur une surface plane utile pour rehaut interne et d'autres pièces.

Poinçon courbes anneau intérieur:

Punch à la surface courbe de gravure sur l'expertise interne pour réaliser des bagues.

Virgin copper electrode

Electrode in three dimensions of the Virgin to manufacture die for a jewellery workshop.

We managed to make the electrode and dies simply from photographs of the Virgin.

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