Engraved plates

Polished stainless plates or bright or antique brass with high quality engravings.

Omella Engravings made in polished stainless plates or bright or antique brass with high quality engravings in low relief and the possibility of leaving the engravings black lacquered.

Plates have all great presence and excellent durability.

Plates QR code engraved in brass and black lacquered

Plates high quality polished brass very bright with QR codes. The funds of the engravings were painted black for maximum contrast to photograph with smartphones and access the information they contain. The black lacquer was treated in oven to get a perpetual durability.

Antique brass engraved plaques to identify restaurant tables

Oval plates made of brass with antique finish to identify the tables of a restaurant. The same style and different sizes were made to identify the various doors of the restaurant.

Stainless steel plate black lacquered

Large plate in polished stainless to identify plots in the open.

Methacrylate plates

Methacrylate plates are engraved by the back and then can be painted. Methacrylate plates have a strong presence and durability.

Memorial plaque engraved on corten steel

This corten steel plate is rusted and then recorded. Subsequently corten steel is given a chemical treatment to stop the oxidation process so that the engraved texts remain with light, highlighting the oxide.
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