Electric discharge machining

OMELLA ENGRAVINGS erode on all types of ferrous metal using Electric discharge machines EDM.

The EDM, also known as electrical discharge machining or EDM, is a unique manufacturing process to achieve complex configurations that are impossible otherwise. It is very useful for mold cavities, punches, dies and all types of complex machining.

EDM Services helps make orbiters OMELLA electrode and excellent finish of the lowest roughness, as well as conducting electrodes roughing and finishing in the same workshop.

For occasions that require the completion of a rough finish on the piece, we have a catalog of different trim levels.

Engraved Figures for injection mold

Engravings in the injection mold to generate complex shapes. Omella Engravings also performs repairs or modifications to existing molds. To engrave these figures is combined the use of the lathe, CNC milling and EDM.

Engraved rolls

Engravings in rollers or rolls at high or low relief, even in previously temperate parts, Omella Engravings can also machine the rolls as needed. The rollers rotare on its axis marking the materials passing below them.

Engraved in mold insert

Engraved by erosion of plastic chair mold, resulting in a grainy engraving on the bottom polished.

Insert for plastic injection mold

Machining was performed by the machining of various electrodes with EDM.
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