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The Company

Since 1957, OMELLA ENGRAVINGS located in Barcelona, is dedicated to achieving quality engravings for industry and jewelry shops. OMELLA ENGRAVINGS export to UK, Nederlands, Belgium, Malaysia... is used to the international commerce.

Nowadays, you can rely on our experience and on our vocation for the future, adapting ourselves to the newest technologies, with the conviction that we can offer the most accurate solutions to any case.

Today OMELLA ENGRAVINGS work in a variety of products related to engraving and machining. Constructing from small jewelry picks up stamping dies for barrels, long series jobs and also unique pieces such as electrodes, molds and prototypes.

OMELLA ENGRAVINGS offers cutting-edge machine tools and machining such as 3D CNC engraving and EDM, as well as more advanced software and the most qualified staff.

If you are interested in receiving more information about our company or our exporting services please get in touch with us.

Other activities of the Omella Group:

  • Commercial distributor dedicated to providing sealing goods.
  • Piros Wood Burning Wood burning machines and branding irons.
  • Royal Lacre, Wax sealing stamps
  • Lacres Barcelona, Wax sealing Online shop
  • Omella Engravings | Tel +34 933 252 441 Fax +34 935 533 635 | Diputació 50 int 08015 Barcelona España | |